About Us

imagine-a-school-squareImagine a school…

…where Christ is at the center of joyful classrooms.

…where classrooms are enhanced with critical thinking skills, project based learning, field trips, and service.

…where kids are recognized for supporting and encouraging each other.

…where highly capable students are offered enrichment programs that challenge and inspire them to take their learning further.

…where all students experience weekly art, music, foreign language.


Imagine teachers…

…who see your child as a unique learner, created in God’s image.

…who love children and seek to know each child’s heart and gifts.

…who encourage godly character and are free to teach the Truth.

…who partner with parents and collaborate with one another.

imagine-your-child-squareImagine your child…

…becoming a spiritual champion.

…excited about reading, writing, math, Bible, and more.

…involved with hands-on science experiments and computer projects.

…growing his or her gifts, talents, and relationships with God and others.

All this and more is possible at One Heart Academy. Experience the difference of a Christian elementary education by enrolling your child at One Heart Academy.

Our Mission

One Heart Academy is a non-denominational educational Christian educational center designed to offer academics for home school and traditional students. You can choose the programs and classes that meet your needs.

Our Objectives

  • One Heart Academy’s mission is to partner with parents to provide a Christ-centered, academically challenging education to our students.
  • We believe in educating the whole child by educating them to become Godly leaders at home, work and all other areas of life.
  • To challenge students to think critically from a Christian world view.
  • To provide an atmosphere of interaction and communication with the Christian home for the purpose of supporting and strengthening biblical family values.